Ardley to Kings Sutton

Limestone quarry at Ardley Station. It was taken to a cement works a dozen miles north of Banbury.
I don't know when this quarry opened or closed.
In the 1970's there were sidings and loading stage south of the station on the down side.

The only image of the loading stage I have yet found is a brief clip on a DVD, 'The Power of the Kings'.

Leaving Ardley Quarry.
Large Prairies were possibly the most usual choice of traction but the Standard 4 Tanks, 9F's and even a B1 were used.

Emerging from the northen end of Ardley tunnel,

Crossing the first Souldern viaduct

The Oxford to Banbury line. A Standard 4 on the down goods loop south of Aynho station.
The Wycombe line joins it at Aynho Junction beyond the station.

The second Souldern viaduct.

Passing Aynho Park station before descending to the junction.

Approaching Aynho Park from Banbury.

Aynho Park station was a short walk from Aynho for Deddington and administered by
the same station master. The ticket office was built at the foot of the embankment
and here looks very much like Wheatley parcels shed.
I visited to photograph it and found a large builder's wire fence, a waste skip and a fresh patch of gravel,

Aynho Park

The second Souldern viaduct.

The Wycombe line descends into the Cherwell valley.
The river meanders across its flood plain as does the Oxford canal and several mill leats.

One of the many farm access draw bridges across the canal.

Aynho Junction. Crossing the Oxford line and up goods loop.

Aynho Junction. The two centre lines being the Oxford route.

Taking the Wycombe line at Aynho junction

Aynho troughs.

Nell Bridge, crossing Aynho troughs.

Nell Bridge wharf.

The Southern Region loco took over the inter regional train for the South Coast at Banbury.

Canal and river at the junction with the Banbury and Cheltenham line. The M40 now crosses very close to here.

Kings Sutton. An unprofitable goods waits to join the main line to Banbury.

The junction with the Banbury and Cheltenham line at Kings Sutton.

Kings Sutton

Kings Sutton. The station buildings were a very ornate version of a style used at
several locations on the Banbury and Cheltenham line.

North from Kings Sutton

Beyond Kings Sutton

Twyford Bridge. I assume the centre of the bridge was originally a brick arch
but don't know when it was replaced with a metal span.

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Astrop Box. There used to me an ironstone quarry with loading sidings opposite
though it had closed and returned to agriculture in the 1920's.

On the goods loop approaching Banbury. The M40 now crosses the line somewhere near here.

Kings Sutton lock with a Southern Region service going south in the distance.

Kings Sutton - looking north

Kings Sutton - looking south

Nell Bridge

Taking the Oxford line at Aynho junction

Waiting in the up goods loop north of Aynho station.

Aynho Wharf behind the station.

Aynho for Deddington.
A primary requirement for a station master on the Oxford line seems to have been to have very green fingers.

Aynho wharf

Aynho for Deddington station

The Oxford line and the first Souldern viaduct.