Riviera Line - GWR Era

A GWR Era Quick Drive route
A clone of the DTG route 'Riviera Line in the Fifties'
lightly modified to represent a pre-War period.
Peter Goodearl
Route requirements from DTG/Steam: Railworks 64 bit, Riviera Line in the Fifties,
Woodhead (original),Falmouth Branch, Isle of Wight, West Somerset.

Riviera Line - GWR Era

The Package:


Repackaged and included by kind permission of their creators:

GWR Wagons by Karma99 Pete Gillam, Victory Works
From the original packs at https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/karma99.html
and Private Owner open, Telling and Whatley, Brian Yeomans reskins from UKTS
In the editor they show up as K9 xxxxxx

Assets\GordonMack\WRJL_Coaches by Gordon Mackenzie, Matrix Trains
GWR 56ft Corridor Clerestory Stock
Original pack at
In the editor they show up as GM xxxxxx

Both these packs will also require DTG\ExeterKingswear to be ticked if used in a different route.

GWR Horsebox by RScott Assets\RScott\Addon Please report any problems to pgdlrailworks@gmail.com QUICK DRIVE CONSISTS On the Quick Drive menu there are two dedicated collections (search for WRJ): WRJ GWR Light Engines WRJ GWR Consists The consist 'GWR 45xx K9 Demo Freight' shows off the WRJL_GWR_Wagons pack LOCOS/STOCK CURRENTLY USED IN THE WRJL CONSISTS - you dont need to own all these but if you do then they may show up in game or as drivable consists. 45xx Small Prairie - Steam/Victory Works 14xx (GWR 48xx) with Autocoach - Steam/Victory Works Toplight coaches Pack2 - Steam/Matrixtrains Toplight Panel Pack 1 - Steam/Matrixtrains GWR King Pack - Amazon/DTG (search Amazon for: GWR King Class Loco Add-On) Castle Pack 1,2 - Steam/DTG Pullman coaches Pack 4 - Steam Sounds Supreme/Matrixtrains 57xx sounds and livery packs - SSS WSR Wagon Pack - SSS Collett High Waisted coaches Pack 1 - Steam/Matrixtrains Collett Low Waisted coaches Pack 1,2 - Steam/Matrixtrains Large Prairie - Steam/Victory Works 42xx/72xx - SSS/Victory Works Steam Railmotor - Steam/Victory Works Saint - Steam/Victory Works 57xx Pannier - Steam/Victory Works LNER Q6 - Steam/Victory Works DukeDog - DT Bulldog - DT 43xx - DT Dean Goods - DT Star - Steam/DTG Skyhook ROD 04/30xx - Caledonia LNER Wagon Pack - Caledonia City - Just Trains QUICK DRIVE SCENARIOS If you can't visualize the route then this page with its map can be viewed from the Quick Drive menu by clicking the '?' on the route's picture. SOUTHBOUND, DOWN, SCENARIOS QD GWR Southbound 5fbd2778-071b-4407-b59f-3ac3842890eb Light Engine scenarios are marked * in the menu and require some loco manoeuvring. *Exeter Shed -goods. Starting in front of the Engine Shed Drive forward to 'Exeter Up Avoiding Line' and stop beside the line of sleepers. Reverse to 'Exeter Goods Yard 7b' beside the goods shed where manual points allow a choice of 2 rakes of wagons. Reverse if necessary and couple to Brake Van. Drive to 'Hackney Yard Down Goods' and uncouple Continue into Newton Abbot On to the turntable. Click it to turn Check points for the line to the coaling stage. Refuel then pull forward to stop by ash piles. 1 Ex Up Avd Line REVERSE 2 ExYard 9b SELECT SIDING check Brakevan attached 3 Hackney Yd Dwn Gds UNCOUPLE 4 Newton Abbot Turntable E Approach 5 Newton Abbot Coal Refuelling 6 Newton Abbot Ash Line * Exeter coach siding -passenger. Starting in a carriage siding just north of station, reverse and couple to coaches. Drive to Kingswear 0 REVERSE to COUPLE coaches 1 Exeter Down Middle Platform 2 Newton Abbot Down Main Platform 3 Torquay Down Platform 4 Paignton Down Platform 5 Goodrington Down Platform 6 Churston Down Platform 7 Kingswear Platform 2 Exeter Plat 1 -passenger. 1 Newton Abbot Down Relief Platform 2 Torquay Down Platform 3 Paignton Down Platform 4 Goodrington Down Main 5 Churston Down Platform 6 Kingswear Platform 1 Exeter Goods Down. 1 Exminster Down Platform 2 Dawlish Warren Down Main 3 Hackney Yard Down Goods Exeter (local passenger). 1 Exeter St Thomas Down Platform 2 Exminster Down Platform 3 Starcross Down Platform 4 Dawlish Warren Down Platform 5 Dawlish Down Platform 6 Teignmouth Down Platform 7 Newton Abbot Down Relief Platform Dawlish Warren Down. 1 Dawlish Down Platform 2 Teignmouth Down Platform 3 Newton Abbot Down Main Platform Newton Abbot Down Main Platform -passenger. 1 Kingskerswell Down Platform 2 Torre Down Platform 3 Torquay Down Platform 4 Paignton Down Platform 5 Goodrington Down Platform 6 Churston Down Platform 7 Britannia Halt (unadvertised) 8 Kingswear Platform 1 Heathfield - Railcar/Autocoach. This requires the Victory Works Steam Railcar or 48xx (14xx) with Autocoach. Drive to stop at Churston Down Platform. Change ends and drive to Brixham. 1 Teigngrace Halt 2 Newton Abbot Down Relief Platform 3 Kingskerswell Down Platform 4 Torre Down Platform 5 Torquay Down Platform 6 Paignton Down Platform 7 Goodrington Down Platform 8 Churston Down Plat REVERSE 9 Brixham Platform Heathfield (local). 1 Teigngrace Halt 2 Newton Abbot Branch Platform NORTHBOUND, UP, SCENARIOS QD GWR Northbound ac555c76-8e7e-49c5-8ec4-ed53e34948ac Light Engine scenarios are marked * in the menu and require some loco manoeuvring. *Kingswear Coal. Coal was brought by coastal steamer from north-eastern colleries to Kingswear. Transporting it to the gas works north of Paignton was a major source of income for the line. Coal was also transferred to hulks moored in the river for refueling ships Light engine from the Turntable line, reverse clear of the points. Pull forward on to bridge then reverse via 'KW Approach' to wagons in Yard 3 siding and couple. Drive to stop clear of the points beyond the gas works. Reverse into Paignton Gas Siding 1 1 KW Appr REVERSE FROM BRIDGE 2 Kingswear Up Yard 3 3 Paign Gas Up REVERSE 4 Paignton Gas Siding 1 *Goodrington Carriage Sidings -passenger. The carriage sidings were greatly increased after the War. Through coaches served destinations all over the country. Manual points allow a choice of coaches. 1 REVERSE to collect coaches 2 Paignton Up Platform 3 Torquay Up Platform 4 Newton Abbot Up Main Platform 5 Teignmouth Up Platform 6 Dawlish Up Platform 7 Exeter Up Main Platform *Newton Abbot Shed -goods. Hackney Yard was a major goods marshalling yard. New Yard, by the power station, served the local area. Reverse out onto the main line and stop by a line of sleepers at 'NA Down Relief West 0'. Forward through the station on 'Newton Abbot Up Through Line'. Stop beyond Hackney Yard at 'Hackney Up Yard REVERSE' Reverse into 'Hackney Yard Down Goods', couple to wagons and to Brakevan. Drive to stop at 'Exeter Goods Yard 10' 1 NA Dn Relief West 0 REVERSE 2 Hackney Up Yd Entrance REVERSE 3 Hackney Yd Dn Gds COUPLE+BRVAN 4 Exeter Goods Yard 10 Brixton Autocoach/Railcar -pasenger. This requires the Victory Works steam railcar, 57xx or 48xx (14xx) with Autocoach. Drive to Churston Down Platform. Change ends and drive via Newton Abbot to Heathfield stopping at all stations. 1 Churston Down Plat REVERSE 2 Goodrington Up Platform 3 Paignton Up Platform 4 Torquay Up Platform 5 Newton Abbot Branch Platform 6 Heathfield Down Platform Churston Up. Newton Abbot Up Main Platform Kingswear Plat 1 -passenger. 1 Churston Up Platform 2 Goodrington Up Platform 3 Paignton Up Platform 4 Torquay Up Platform 5 Torre Up Platform 6 Newton Abbot Up Relief Platform 7 Teignmouth Up Platform 8 Dawlish Up Platform 9 Exeter Up Main Platform Kingswear Yard -goods. Hackney Yard Up Goods Hackney Yard up -goods. 1 Dawlish Warren Up Platform 2 Exminster Up Platform Line 3 Exeter Goods Yard 10 Newton Abbot Up Main Platform -passenger. 1 Teignmouth Up Platform 2 Dawlish Up Platform 3 Dawlish Warren Up Main 4 Starcross Up Platform 5 Exminster Up Main Platform 6 Exeter St Thomas Up Platform 7 Exeter Up Loop Platform QD GWR Newton-Paignton-KW Brixham d56e79ec-6e5a-4972-bba5-a4ecc463b939 Light Engine scenarios are marked * in the menu and require some loco manoeuvring. *Newton Abbot -passenger pilot You are going to work a Paignton to Exeter service. To save a light engine movement couple to the front of the Paignton service at the Down Relief Platform and pilot it there tender first. Uncouple at Paignton and continue to the carriage sidings at Goodrington. There should be a choice of two rakes of coaches. Couple up and return to Paignton, Torquay, Newton Abbot and Exeter. 01 COUPLE to train at Main Relief Platform 02 Torquay Down Platform 03 Paignton Plat UNCOUPLE train 04 Goodrington Yard COUPLE coaches 05 Paignton Up Platform 06 Torquay Up Platform 07 Newton Abbot Up Main Platform 08 Teignmouth Up Platform 09 Dawlish Up Platform 10 Exeter Up Main Platform *Newton Abbot Up Carr Sidng -passenger Couple to coaches in the carriage siding south of the station then drive to Exeter. 0 REVERSE to COUPLE coaches 1 Newton Abbot Up Relief Platform 2 Teignmouth Up Platform 3 Dawlish Up Platform 4 Dawlish Warren Up Platform 5 Starcross Up Platform 6 Exminster Up Main Platform 7 Exeter St Thomas Up Platform 8 Exeter Up Middle Platform *Goodrington Goods Yard In Goodrington Yard either reverse onto the line of wagons or use the manual points to collect different ones. Drive to Kingswear. 1 REVERSE to COUPLE WAGONS, 2 Kingswear Platform 1 Loop Brixham From Brixham platform drive the short distance to Churston 1 Churston Bay Platform Churston Bay Drive to Brixham. 1 Brixham Platform
Please report any problems to pgdlrailworks@gmail.com

'An error occurred while trying to load the QD Scenario'

This seems to be caused when an enhancement pack creates a folder structure and Blueprint for everything it supports,
not just what the player owns.

I assume the game sees the Blueprint and thinks that the item is present right up to the point when it tries to
add it to the route and then it throws the error.

I can only suggest looking in the RailWorks\Assets folder initially for GordonMack and Matrix packs.
If they contain an *.ap file then they will work okay otherwise drill down through the file structure.
If you find *.GeoPcDx files it should work if not and there are empty folders then consider moving the
product out of the Asset folder to somewhere safe.

Quick Drive Consists made by Marcus Boon

On the Quick Drive Menu they are in the 'MB GWR SouthWest'.
Consists will only be listed where you have the stock.
The definitions are in Assets\MarcusB.

You will need Falmouth Branch Line (RSC), Castle Pack 02 (DTG),
GWR Star (Skyhook/DTG), GWR Saint (Victory Works/DTG), GWR King (Amazon/RSC),
Mainline Halls Pack (Steam Sounds Supreme) for GWR-liveried Halls,
UKTS 37543 GWR 5051 150th for GWR-liveried Castles.

Also from Matrix (DTG Marketplace): GWR Toplight Coaches Pack 01 & 02,
GWR Churchward Panelled Toplight Pack 03 & 04,
GWR High Waist Collett Coaches Pack 01, 02 & 03,
Collet Coaches Pack 01 & 02.
LMS P1&P2 LMS Late Coach Pack, LMS P3 Coaches Pack 01, 02, 03 & 04.

02.35 am Shrewsbury-Kingswear. The 02.35 ex Shrewsbury was the West of England
section of the 01.25 Crewe-Cardiff. This train included an LMS section from
Liverpool/Manchester and a GWR BCK from Glasgow.
Dep. Exeter 8.40 am, arr. Newton Abbot 9.08 am.
4082 Windsor Castle.

07.07 am Kingswear-Swansea. A typical GWR long-distance cross-country train,
providing a connection from the Torbay area to South Wales (arrival Swansea 2.58 pm).
Dep. Newton Abbot 8.5 am, arr. Exeter 8.50 am.
2930 Saint Vincent.

08.45 am Plymouth-Liverpool (Lime Street)/Manchester (London Road).
Another typical mixed GWR/LMS North-to-West express, combining portions from Plymouth and
Paignton for Liverpool and Manchester. A restaurant car for Shrewsbury came on at Weston-super-Mare.
Dep. Paignton 9.15 am, dep. Newton Abbot 9.48 am , arr. Exeter 10.25 am,
also stopping at Torquay, Teignmouth, and Dawlish.
4965 Rood Ashton Hall from SSS.

09.05 am Kingswear-Bradford. During the thirties the northbound Devonian from Kingswear to Bradford
appeared in various guises, this is how the train may well have appeared during the 1939 summer timetable.
One of the few trains to the north that passed to the Midland at Bristol (mosty used the Nort & West route).
Dep. Kingswear 9.05 am, dep. Newton Abbot 9.48 am, arr. Exeter 10.25 am,
also stopping at Paignton, Torquay, Teignpouth, and Dawlish.
5080 Defiant.

10.30 am Paddington-Penzance. The King-hauled Cornish Riviera in its heyday, formed of the 1935 Centenary coaches
presented a very uniform appearance (quite unlike the GWR).
Dep. Exeter 1.27 pm, passing Newton Abbot 1.55 pm.
6023 King Edward II.

10.32 am Crewe-Paignton. This is the combined 09.10 from Liverpool (Lime Street)/09.25 from Manchester (London Road)
with a BCK from Birkenhead.
Dep. Exeter 4.36 pm, arr. Newton Abbot 5.07 pm, arr. Paignton 5.38 pm,
also stopping at Teignmouth and Torquay.
5051 Drysllwyn Castle.

11.25 am Cardiff-Paignton. Another typical long distance train between Cardiff and Torbay,
based on a standard 4-coach (BTK-CK-TK-BTK) set. The two GWR parcels vans came from Carlisle and Leeds and went on to Penzance.
Dep. Exeter 2.24 pm, arr. Newton Abbot 3.01 pm, arr. Paignton 3.31 pm,
also stopping at Torquay.
2984 Stackpole Court.

11.25 am Kingswear-Paddington. The up Torbay Express , the premier daily service from Kingswear to London.
At Newton Abbot a through portion from Plymouth would be attached, followed by a non-stop run to Paddington.
Dep. KIngswear 11.25 am, dep. Newton Abbot 12.20 pm,
passing Exeter 12.45.
6006 King George I.

12.00 pm Paddington-Kingswear. The down Torbay Express ran non-stop to Exeter and did not stop at Newton Abbot.
Dep. Exeter 2.59 pm, passing Newton Abbot 3.26, arr. Kingswear 4.09 pm,
also stopping at Torquay and Paignton.
5051 Drysllwyn Castle.

05.30 am Paddington-Penzance. A heavy mail, parcels and newspaper train to the West Country that ran via Bristol and
included a 4-coach section to Penzance.
Dep. Exeter 10.50 am, arr Newton Abbot 11.22 am.
4012 Knight Templar. You will need the Mike Rennie GWR Siphons at Trainsim.com: https://www.trainsim.com/vbts/tslib.php?do=copyright&fid=26683 (login required),
and the Matrix GWR Concertinas (SSS).

Please report any problems to pgdlrailworks@gmail.com

Quick Drive Consists by Marcus Boon. Stock used with some background information.

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