The Wycombe Railway and Joint Line version 3.1 Route Manual

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Route Requirements, all from Steam, are Falmouth, Woodhead, Isle of White, West Somerset, Riviera in 50's.

The route's web page and online version of this Manual is at

Thanks to

HertsBob for allowing his 'Wycombe Branch' to be included and extended.
Matt at for hosting the download,
also for adding his sounds and also those from no4472.
John Yelland for the use and inclusion of his signals.
Malkymackay for allowing his CGO 20t grain carrier to be included in the download.
RScott for the inclusion of his GWR/BR Horseboxes
and to those who helped.

It would be best to uninstall a previous version using the RailWorks\Utilities program or at least delete
the scenario folder otherwise the old Quick Drive start/stopping points will be mixed in with the new ones
and some wont work.
Current scenario files are named 3xxxx. Old ones were named 2xxxx and will probably not now work.

There are no yellow hats to find but there is one kingfisher.

This route's folder: 4e247106-dbdb-4abd-ba63-90700e683a46. It includes a txt file with the route name.
The Assets folder is PeterG


Unless the game is run at the maximum graphics settings, random senary objects will be hidden including some bridge sides and signal posts.
On the Settings page, click 'Advanced' and push the Scenery Density slider to the right.
If your computer can't handle this then you will have to choose between graphics detail and play ability.

The Riviera 50's 57xx may not couple to older wagons though the Castle and Grange seem okay.

If Quickdrives cause the game to crash then variable consists and other traffic can be disabled by renaming the Preload folder to something else here.
Having cut back other traffic it does now seem reasonably stable.
If you have them you may see items from DT and SSS wagon packs.

You will probably need to restart the game after each scenario or it will crash.

Scenario Issues
If writing a scenario which approaches Banbury Station from the south, include 'Banbury S Down Main 3' or you will be sent on to then off the Up line.
This is just beyond a double slip junction.

There is an issue with a small piece of track on the down mainline at Aynho just south of the road bridge before the station. It has been inadvertantly designated as 'Freight'. If a player or AI train that has been given a 'Passenger' type classification its routing will fail. The work around is to use a 'Freight type' designation.

There is also a problem at Bletchington up platform where the bay points are set against the train if stopping. The fix is to move the northen end of the platform marker a short distance away from the points section of track. This breaks the Workmans Special scenario.

A patch will follow 'shortly'.

Please report any problems/comments here:
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Extended QuickDrives marked * and are mainly intended for a light engine.
They start at a shed or yard where there is a choice of consists to couple to.

Make sure you select a destination as one may not be selected by default.

Starting locations are listed roughly from north to south.
(For a first run I suggest 'Cropredy - Ox - Radley')

Cropredy - HW Pas Stopping 93d3dd01-f342-446d-86b3-ed53cff35d07
(Possible Light Engine as there is a rake of coaches at the end of the line, beyond the overbridge)
destinations: Princes Risborough, High Wycombe, Maidenhead
uses the platform line at 4 track stations

Cropredy - HW through 93d3dd01-f342-446d-86b3-ed53cff35d07
(Possible Light Engine as there is a rake of coaches at the end of the line, beyond the overbridge)
destination: High Wycombe
uses the through line at 4 track stations

South of Banbury

Cropredy - Ox - Radley 31 miles bd33b42a-25c3-45d2-9ade-bd4de80696f0
(Possible Light Engine as there is a rake of coaches at the end of the line, beyond the overbridge)
destinations: Banbury, Oxford, Radley
'Kings' were only allowed on the Cropredy - Bicester - High Wycombe line
Southern expresses ran to the Midlands with 'football specials'.

Cropredy - Ox goods
destination Hinksey Yard Up Reception.
uses goods loops
G2's operated on this line, from Nuneaton.



LNER Banbury Junction - Oxford 3c9b956f-c74a-4877-9e7a-b62688910af4
V2's and B1's were used on the Leicester-Swindon section of a Sunday Sheffield-Swansea service
Start near the end of the branch from Woodford Halse. Stop at Oxford Up platform.

*Banbury Up Yard to Radley 686e8805-d935-48f0-bee5-303e113cb4f7
(the southern end of the route)- uses goods loops.
Optional light engine, alternative and variable consists are available in the yard.

*Banbury Up Yard Siding 16 to Oxford Hinksey Up Reception
- uses goods loops.
Optional light engine, alternative and variable consists are available in the yard.

*Banbury Shed-light engine - Oxford Up Platform 686e8805-d935-48f0-bee5-303e113cb4f7
Select a light engine only.
Reverse out of the shed onto a rake of coaches in Banbury Station. Drive to Oxford.

*Adderbury Quarry Light Engine
Select a light engine or shortish goods
Prewar this was an iron ore quarry, during the War an aluminum reclamation plant was built here.
After the War the buildings were used by a seed company which generated a lot of van traffic.
Change points behind and Reverse to couple up hoppers or vans in the quarry sidings.
Drive to the route's northern end on the goods line behind Cropredy station.

Woodstock 8c2ac757-f48c-4cc2-95a0-4f117a988f1f
destinations: Kidlington, Oxford Up Bay
(suggest a 14xx with autocoach reversed)

LMS Launton 2ba54b87-dbbf-44be-869d-cab293128085
(on the Oxford-Bletchley line east of the GWR at Bicester)
destinations: Bicester, Islip, Oxford Rewley Road.
LNER B12's operated a service from Cambridge
Std 4 Tank Engines operated from Bletchley
LMS/BR G2 goods


*Yarnton Yard aa94c16b-86bf-4028-b1f9-d9fd569092c2
(on the Worcester line north of Oxford. LMS - GWR wartime exchange sidings)
G2 traffic was iron ore, bricks, empty coal for South Wales. General goods went to Hinksey Yard.
destinations on LMS line: Islip, Bicester, Launton
Optional light engine, alternative consists are available in the yard.

*Oxford Shed-light engine e0ae-de15-40bf-84d9-288c3b3503f6
Select a light engine only.
destination: Banbury Junct Old Down Yard Siding 3
Reverse out of the yard to Hinksey North Yard where several rakes of wagons are available.
Proceed north via goods loops, through Banbury station and beyond the Hump Yard. Stop near the signal box
and clear of the yard entrance points then reverse into 'Ban Junct Old Down Siding3'.

Oxford Up Platform fb1c0217-53dc-4812-bda2-5141fd41f768
destinations: Thame, Princes Risborough, High Wycombe, Bourne End, Maidenhead

*Oxford Hinksey Yard North e0ae-de15-40bf-84d9-288c3b3503f6
destination: Cropredy 27 miles.
uses goods loops.
Optional light engine, alternative and variable consists are available in the yard.

*Oxford Hinksey Yard South - High Wycombe South Yard Siding 3 fb1c0217-53dc-4812-bda2-5141fd41f768
Optional light engine, alternative consists are available in the yard.
destination: High Wycombe station yard.
Optional stop in 'Cowley Up Reception Line1' where manual points can allow drop off/pickup.
Go the through the station at High Wycombe and stop with the train clear of the yard entrance points
near the signal box.
Reverse into the yard behind the down platform, 'HW South Siding 3'.

destinations: Princes Risborough, High Wycombe, Bourne End, Maidenhead

Princes Risborough for Watlington
destinations: Chinnor, Watlington

Princes Risborough Down Platform
destinations: Thame, Oxford.

High Wycombe Down Stopping 21da20cb-7a4b-4640-a33d-cf90d3ad8d76
destinations: all stations via Banbury to Cropredy.

High Wycombe through 21da20cb-7a4b-4640-a33d-cf90d3ad8d76
uses the through line at 4 track stations
destinations: Banbury, Cropredy

Approaching West Wycombe

destinations: High Wycombe Bay or Maidenhead Bay in which case stop at Bourne End platform and reverse direction.

Maidenhead Bay
destinations:Bourne End, High Wycombe.

Free Roam Tasks.

Involves shunting. You are responsible for changing the points. Save your progress frequently!
Each scenario contains a task description.

56xx Wycombe branch pick-up coal task 33cd4250-5940-411a-b301-04caaa436c12
Required Victory Works 56xx from Steam
This Maidenhead working is only dealing with coal wagons, collecting empties from yards along the branch
to High Wycombe and leaving them for collection at Princes Risborough. Exchange locos there with the Up crew
from Oxford.
Collect full coal wagons from a siding north of the station and distribute them along the Wycombe branch
on the way back to Maidenhead.
Today however Princes Risborough has requested an empty Horsebox which you must add to your train at Maidenhead...

57xx Watlington Branch workings 6efa43a0-62c4-4be0-b704-0e4a0a198c98
Requires Victory Works 14xx from Steam
At Princes Risborough, collect the rake of vans and wagons, and your guards van then set off down the branch.
At Chinnor drop off the grey van and 2 wagons from behind the loco.
At Aston Rowant put the grey van and wagon on the shed line and the Horsebox in the dock.
The remaining wagons are for Watlington.
Attach the coach and position it at Watlington platform then take it up the branch.
Stop at Aston Rowant and collect the now occupied Horsebox...

Grange High Wycombe to Banbury stopping service bd20b0e1-44ff-479f-bf01-ef7eb24cfd89
Default stock
You are taking over a northbound stopping passenger service from High Wycombe to Banbury.
Stop at Princes Risborough and add a Horsebox from the 'West Bay' to the front of your train...

Aynho Troughs

72xx Ardley Limestone Task bc92ead3-843d-4837-8737-350f1294bd64
Required Victory Works 72xx from Steam Sounds Supreme and and DT's GWR Wagon Pack
Cropredy stands in for Leamington and the Banbury Ironstone sidings for the Cement Works.

Background information on limestone traffic:

57xx Banbury Loco Coal Task a4456aed-f08a-4b5c-800d-bf9b3bb7b330
Requires the wagon pack installed with the free Severn Valley Railway from Steam Sounds Supreme
Take Loco Coal wagons from Banbury Yard to the coaling stage and collect empties.

'Austerity' Banbury Ironstone 12f24bde-ab1e-452a-9652-9232cde574a0
Requires 'Memories of Mardy' and Michael Whiteley's MineralWagonPack2 from Steam.
A quiet wander in an 060 Austerity tank engine up and down a small part of what was an extensive quarry railway.
Push and pull wagons to just beyond the engine shed on the first mile of this righthand drive private network
and return with full ones.

Standard Scenarios

57xx Banbury to Morris Cowley - Workman's Special 0f9a96f7-bbb3-4e7a-b21f-c0672a03da80
Requires default stock. Drive a 57xx on an unadvertised early morning service to the motor works at Cowley stopping at all stations.
The in game task list has station times from the 1949 Working Timetable.

9F Ardley Limestone 1hr15min 36413092-43dc-4d82-ac7a-b173e6bea2b4
Requires 9F from Steam and DT's GWR Wagon Pack
From Banbury shed drive a 9F to collect empty hoppers from the southern end of the hump yard and take them,
tender first, to Ardley.
Couple to loaded ones and take them via Banbury to the end of the goods loop at Cropredy.

14xx Woodstock to Oxford b5f3253b-212e-46ca-8001-36d572f5ef8e
Requires Victory Works 14xx from Steam
Drive the Autocoach to Oxford up platform. Cross over to the down side bay and return in the loco.

S15 SR Goods 2db9372a-9221-4391-98c0-a259e0684bcf
Requires S15 from Steam, West Somerset Wagon Pack from SSS and the Severn Valley route from SSS for its wagons.
Drive from Radley and leave your wagons in the reception line at Hinksey Yard.
Carry on light engine to Oxford Shed.
Fuel and turn then return to Hinksey to collect another rake of wagons for the south.

Random shots

Tiddington milk.

Woodstock goods.

Water Eaton grain silo.

GT3 approaches Aylesbury 1961. Set up from a colour slide

Some YouTube videos taken while steam was active.

Goods Guard's View Woodford Halse via Banbury to beyond Tackley during the very cold winter of 1962/63. Looks like people walking on the frozen canal at Somerton.

Paddington to Banbury steam 'Northwards to Aynho junction via Bicester...' 3.36min. The video shows the approach to Princes Risborough with subsequent shots of Clun Castle at the station.

Banbury to BirminghamContinues the journey north.

Banbury to Bicester Modern cab view

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